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Advantages of Using Panasonic Office Phones

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Advantages of Using Panasonic Office Phones

A small business office phone system is an ideal choice for small business that is determined to improve their business efficiency through enhanced business communications. Get a head start with Urgent IT Care, Inc. we offer great deals on phone systems for small business offices, presently we have great deals on Panasonic phone systems, we can help you find the best solution for your small business communication needs.

If calls to your place of business are unattended, they will be diverted to your given cell numbers or other landline numbers. The callers can also make use of voice mail and fax mail services to convey their messages to the user. Hence, with the superior functionality of this phone system in your small business firm, you can efficiently manage all calls coming to your office, even while on the move.

Choosing Office Phone Systems for Your Small Business

Panasonic has some of the most affordable telecommunications equipment and services in the industry. Through its Panasonic Telecommunications Systems Division, the company designs and manufactures a range of Panasonic office phones and offer other high superiority business communications systems. The company provides a complete range of business communication solutions that are designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

The Panasonic KX-NCP1000 is designed to give you the telecommunication features that your small business needs today and as it grows into the future. You will get sophisticated call handling functions to help you optimize how you serve your callers. Each incoming call is directed to the first available receiver in your team. If all lines happen to be busy, the Panasonic office phones will play a message to the caller to reassure them that they will be attended to promptly.

The KC-NCP100 is a Network Communication Platform (NCP) that has a maximum of 128 CO lines and 52 analog CO’s. It can support 32 VoIP trunks and 64 SIP trunks. Its maximum total extension is 172 while the analog proprietary extension is 4. It can support 36 single line telephones and 40 digital proprietary extensions. It is multi-cell wireless compatible and has 64 portable handsets. It has 128 IP Proprietary phone extensions and 128 SIP extensions. There are 8 cell stations and 8 DSS consoles.


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