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Affordable Small Office Phone Systems

Date: February 28, 2013 Author: ffrank01 Category: IT Article Tags: , ,

Small Office Phone Systems- Great Utility and Service

Communication is the base of all sorts of businesses, whether big or small. At one point of time every entrepreneur has to think about the communication system of their company. Every office needs a phone system and for your small or home based business small business office phone systems are absolutely necessary. You should take good care while selecting your small business office phone systems as it will be responsible for handling all future communications and serving your clients’ needs. The small office phone systems work as a bridge between you and your customers and it will be responsible for maintaining your client relationships. A good small office phone system can make all communications smooth and helps you in getting more business. Communication is the key to trust and trust of your clients is what you have to achieve to make it big out there.

How does the Small Office Phone System Work?

Generally the office phone systems work through the private branch exchange system or the PBX. This system helps the business owner in several ways. It gives the phone system its dial tone and regulates the incoming calls so that the right call goes to the right extension. It also gives you essential services like the voice mail and conference call. Call forwarding and voice recognition etc. are also available in the system. But for a small office such a system of PBX can seem like a huge expense. So for the small businesses there is a system of hosting PBX. They offer you the same high level of expertise in handling the communication system yet come at a lower, affordable price. This hosting PBX works through the feature called VoIP system. The owner can add more members to the system by creating a user account in the virtual PBX.

Benefits of the Small Office Phone System:

  1. You can get the auto attendant system which will respond to the clients primarily and direct their calls to the right department or the right employee. Clients will call for different reasons and with the help of the auto attendant only the relevant department will get the call. This also helps in giving the customer a good impression about your professionalism.
  2. Make a hunt group so that all the phones do not start ringing at the same time, confusing the employees. This system helps in making the phones ring in turn and gives each employee a chance to take the call.
  3.   You can manage the system online easily and you need no technical help at all for little changes that you want to administer.
  4. When you are not available or may be busy in a meeting the voice mail can receive the messages of the clients and you can check them through the email.

Case Study:

Jennifer Andrews who started out with a small dry-cleaning business, commented regarding small office phone systems that, “It is amazing how this system works and luckily I got one of the best companies to build the best communication system for my small office. I had started with only 5 employees and had zero experience. The phone system helped me to timely respond to my clients and get back to them. Now after two years of using it we have 35 people working for us and our sales and customer service departments have been highly praised by all.” Jennifer Andrews has turned up her dry-cleaning business by three times, by using the advanced technology of small office phone systems.

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