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Let the Meaningful Use Experts Help You

Date: March 11, 2013 Author: admin Category: Meaningful Use

Let the Meaningful Use Experts Help You

Major healthcare organizations Medicare and Medicaid recently opened up an incentive program called the EHR incentive program. EHR stands for Electronic Health Records and this incentive program aims to encourage healthcare providers and personnel to electronically record their patient’s information, in contrast to putting everything on paper. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide better and more efficient care to patients. Once a patient’s records are electronically saved, it can easily be accessed by other medical personnel within the health organization, thereby speeding up the medical assistance as required by the patient.

Eligible professionals, critical access hospitals, and regular hospitals can receive the EHR incentive as long as they can demonstrate that they have fully adapted and used the certified EHR technology. Professional health care providers can receive as much as $44,000 worth of incentives through the Medicare EHR and $63,750 for Medicaid EHR incentive programs. Professionals who are working under the HSPA or the Health Professional Shortage Area are given additional incentives.

Eligible professionals are encouraged to participate now to avail of maximum incentives. Urgent IT Care, Inc. can assist healthcare providers to be qualified under the incentive program with full ease. The company health all eligible health professionals go through Stage 1 and 2 of the approval procedure in order to receive their corresponding incentives.

Meaningful Use EHR implementation Consulting In Orlando, Florida

Urgent IT Care, Inc is a certified IT outsourcing company located in Orlando, Florida. It is currently providing its services to all medical providers and healthcare organizations located in Orlando, Tampa, and Central Florida. To qualify for the EHR program, Urgent IT Care, Inc. can provide health organizations and professionals all the tools and resources needed, including a team of experts to handle all the EHR implementation and core objective to meet the Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Incentive Programs.

The mission of Urgent IT Care, Inc. is to help healthcare organizations and medical practices professionals to provide their patients with timely and high quality healthcare services at all instances. It is for that reason that they encourage everyone eligible to participate in the EHR incentive program and avail of the monetary grants available through it. By properly implementing a certified electronic health record system, each patient is assured of adequate care. Health professionals, on the other hand, will find it easier to retrieve the records of their patients, thus provide them with the level of health care that they essentially require. Hospitals and health professional will be duly compensated for doing all of these too, on top of the evident benefits of automating the records system.

Consult with Urgent IT Care, Inc. today and find out how you can possibly become eligible for the EHR program. Assess your resources and determine what else you need to pass through its different qualifying stages with full ease. Act now to submit your application within the specified period. Then with Urgent IT Care, Inc. helping you every step of the way, work your way through the accreditation stages to eventually be granted the incentive that is payable for fully computerizing your organization’s records system.

Urgent IT Care, Inc. is ready to help you with all your needs and concerns. Determine your level of eligibility and find out what areas you need to focus on and improve. Register your healthcare service or practice with the company in order to know what you need to be qualified for the incentive. Urgent IT Care, Inc. has every tool, equipment, software, and experts to get you started. Initiate the consultation right now and start working to make your existing system eligible for the EHR incentive program.

Urgent IT Care, Inc. has everything that you may need to fully computerize your patient and hospital records. From hardware such as computers and equipments, to software like applications and online tools, to people ware such as IT personnel, Urgent IT Care, Inc. has the ultimate solution to all your electronic recording needs. Consult only with the experts when it comes to digital and IT-related needs. Let Urgent IT Care, Inc.’s team of IT professionals guide you with how to fully automate your records, man it, and make your practice fully qualified for the EHR incentive program.

Transforming your patient’s health and hospital records from hardcopy to electronic copy pays for its own. With the EHR program, you can build a fully automated records system while being compensated for it too. Both the Medicaid and Medicare believe in modernizing healthcare. And with Urgent IT Care, Inc. ready to help you achieve healthcare modernization, being qualified for the incentive program becomes a certainty, not just a possibility.

Take all the IT-related needs of your organization to Urgent IT Care, Inc. The company doesn’t just specialize in the EHR incentive program but also with the different aspects of integrating digital technology hospitals and healthcare providers, as well as businesses belonging to other industries as well. Let the company’s team of certified experts assist you with your every IT need. The company currently serves Central Florida, more particularly Gainesville, Jacksonville, Kissimmee, Lake Mary Melbourne, Orlando, Tampa and Winter Park, Florida, with the outlook of eventually serving the whole nation.

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