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EMR Solutions

UrgentITcare, inc assists you in creating specialized EMR Solutions that will enable your healthcare organization to conform to EMR implementation as mandated by the US government. Not only do we assist you in creating a more compliant medical practice as necessitated by law, but we can also ensure that your EMR solutions will stand the test of HIPAA security assessments so that you never have to worry about being on the wrong side of the law.

With our expert EMR solutions, which are specifically designed with your individual requirements in mind, managing your electronic medical records will not only be an extremely fast process, but it will also be highly efficient. UrgentITcare takes pride in offering you end-to-end EMR solutions that begin with creating the right type of IT support system for your medical practice and goes on to implement, install, and maintain your EMR software so that your organization is not disrupted with any kind of downtime regarding electronic medical records.

The medical records management landscape is continually changing with advancements in medical technology and as more and more patient records are required to be maintained. Our expert team of medical IT specialists brings over 50 years of experience to the table, which enables us to provide you with the latest and most updated EMR solutions for your healthcare organization. Our EMR solutions not only assist you in creation and storage of your medical records, but we also ensure that your records are compiled and organized in a manner so as to enhance productivity and efficiency within your medical organization.

We help you to choose the right type of EMR software that will enable you to collate all types of patient information such as their personal information, medical history, patient charts, treatment advice, medical test results, immunization records, medical prescriptions, lab orders, as well as their billing information. Access to such comprehensive electronic medical records will result in reduced times for patient treatment as well as shortening of the billing cycle, thereby amounting to considerable cost savings for your medical practice.

We provide end-to-end EMR solutions for different types of EMR software including Nextgen, eClinical, Allscripts, McKesson, eCerner, and Athenahealth. While we do not recommend any specific EMR software, as we believe in letting our clients choose the best type of software as per their medical needs, we do offer comprehensive EMR solutions and support for the software you opt for. Read more about EMR here