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Medical IT Support and Healthcare Information Technology

Whether you have a large medical practice where hundreds of patients are treated regularly, or a small physician’s clinic, making sure that your computer systems function properly at all times can be extremely critical to your business. Not only do you require access to IT specialists who will be at hand to resolve your issues day or night, but you need to ensure that they understand the demands of medical IT support, which is unlike other types of IT support required by regular businesses. This is why you need to partner with medical IT specialists who will not only help you with all your support needs, but will be a partner you can always depend upon.

At UrgentITcare, we have devised 3 different types of medical IT support and Healthcare Information Technology plans to support the needs of both small and large healthcare providers. By opting for any one of our healthcare IT support plans, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your computer systems will always be kept up and running and that downtime will be kept to the absolute minimum. Our Starter Plan for monthly maintenance of your IT systems supports up to 10 computers. If you have a larger medical practice with up to 20 computers, our Core Support Plan will be suitable for you. Finally, our Premium Plan is ideal for larger medical practices that have up to 50 computers. Any one of our competitively priced support solutions will give you access to an entire team of medical IT specialists with over 50 years of experience in the field of healthcare IT support. We also offer per incident support for those who are not signed up to a plan but require the services of our experts.

Our Medical IT Support and Healthcare Information Technology include:
  • Medical IT support helpdesk for remote assistance
  • Onsite medical IT support available if required
  • IT managed services for healthcare providers
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Asset management
  • A choice of monthly maintenance plans
  • Web hosting


You will also enjoy additional benefits with our  support team and maintenance plans, which includes:

Our Medical IT Support and Healthcare Information Technology include, Among the fastest response times in the Industry

UrgentITcare prides itself on its lightning fast response time of 2 minutes between 7 am and 6 pm. By using our online helpdesk ticket system for any IT issue that you may face, you can be guaranteed of our 2 minute response time to resolve your issues. Whether it is a problem with your OS, the servers, any hardware issues, printer problems, virus protection issues, or security and backup problems – resolving your issues quickly and in real time is, and will always be, our primary goal.

Unmatched cost savings

Our expert team of medical IT specialists is always on hand to resolve any and all kinds of IT problems that you may face. Very few medical practices can financially justify having an IT team on their staff, which is where UrgentITcare comes in. Once you have contracted with us for all your medical IT support needs, the services of our team of experts will be available to you at rates that are unmatched in the industry of online medical IT support. All you have to do is choose UrgentITcare and let us handle the rest.