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Get Office Phone Systems at Affordable Prices in Florida

Here at Urgent IT Care, Inc. we offer service and sales for Panasonic, Avaya and Toshiba phone systems. This includes our IP Office Phone Systems along with BCM Voice IP Systems. When you have your new office phone system installed, Urgent IT Care will ensure that you receive the training you need to make the transition to your new phone system absolutely seamless. We take the time to train each one of your staff members on the office phone system, including how to internally and externally transfer calls efficiently. Because your business relies on seamless integration, the LINK key will allow transfers to any phone – whether it is in your office building, or to a cellular phone.

We understand what your Business Telephone System Needs

We understand the importance of having a reliable small VOIP office phone systems and how your network wiring and phone system plays a critical part in your business operations. We will always ensure that your networking and phone systems are installed according to the highest industry standards and we utilize both Cat 5E for your voice systems and Cat 6 when you need a system to operate on networks with a higher speed.

We also understand that sometimes emergencies arise and you need service right away. For this reason, we offer repairs and service at any time of day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For emergency service, you can call our 24-hour line at 1-800-781-1130.

We have proudly serviced the following areas for the last 20 years providing excellent installation, sales and service of our business telephone systems:

• Kissimmee, FL
• Jacksonville, FL
• Gainesville, FL
• Orlando, FL
• Tampa, FL
• St. Petersburg, FL

Choose the Right Office Phone Systems for your Small Business

Many businesses are taking advantage of the sophisticated business phone systems that are available as a means of increasing the efficiency of running a business. The power of a VoIP system coupled with global connectivity allows you to take advantage of unique features.

Unique calling features allow you to assign specific numbers to employees or departments that can be reached without having to call an operator first. Our One Number Follow Me service offers unparalleled business connectivity that allows you to specify who can reach you and at what number. Voice mail is sent to your email inbox or to your cell phone, enabling you to stay in touch at all times of the day.

Our business telephone systems offer a level of convenience that you will not get anywhere else. In addition to being able to link seamlessly and transfer calls efficiently, our office phone systems allows you to set up different paging zones, maintain a caller log that identifies both answered and unanswered calls and call forwarding features. For extra convenience, our phone systems work with any headset, allowing you to experience tangle-free calling.

The best part about our services is that they are not just designed for large corporations. Small and mid-sized businesses can benefit vastly from the installation of a new business phone system. No matter what your particular business needs are Urgent IT Care, Inc. is there to help. Your operating costs are minimized, without compromising the power of the office phone system you choose.

Get the Training Your Employees Deserve

Don’t subject your employees to complicated phone systems or outdated technology, let us help you choose the right business phone system and provide the necessary training. Our training services alone will teach your employees how to take advantage of the phone’s features. With our VoIP services, you will have the capability of having your phone system installed at multiple locations, eliminating the excess fees.

Advantages of Working with Urgent IT Care, Inc. include:

• Reliable office phone systems
• Easy to use
• 24-hour service, 7 days a week
• Unlimited phone features

If you are looking for the best office phone systems that will allow you to be competitive in today’s market, you have come to the right place. Here at Urgent IT Care, Inc., we will help you choose the best business phone system in Tampa, Orlando, Lake Mary, Kissimmee, St. Petersburg and surrounding Central Florida areas. We offer several office phone systems including:

• Avaya
• Nortel Norstar
• Toshiba
• Panasonic

We will take the time to listen to your organization’s needs and help you choose the office phone system that is right for you.
If you are looking for stellar business phone systems combined with reputable products and top-notch service, give Urgent IT Care, Inc. a call today at 1-800-781-1130. Read More