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Why Choose Us?

When you are investing your money in something that is vital to your organization, such as IT support and solutions, you want to be certain that you are making the right choice. For healthcare and medical organizations, the wellbeing and quality of care that patients receive can hinge upon the effectiveness of the IT services that are used.

At you will benefit from the experience and expertise of knowledgeable professionals with more than fifty years of experience within the IT healthcare industry. This means that you not only benefit from high quality IT services, professionalism, and access to experts, but you also benefit from valuable peace of mind.

For most healthcare organizations and in particular for smaller medical practices, it is not financially viable to have specialist IT support staff employed on a full time basis. This is why so many medical practices put their trust in outside companies to assist them with their IT needs as and when necessary. However, there is little point investing your time, money and trust in a medical IT support services provider if they end up failing to deliver. For all organizations, having dependable IT service providers is vital, and for healthcare providers who are dealing with people's lives and wellbeing, this is particularly important.

When you choose UrgentITCare as your healthcare IT support provider, you can rest assured that you will be working with a trusted team of experts who are reliable, dependable, knowledgeable and committed to providing you with the best levels of service and the fastest response times. Our response times alone place us a cut above the rest when it comes to the provision of medical IT support – and it means that you do not face the frustrating prospect of being left hanging around waiting for assistance when you could be focusing on your patients and your work.

So, aside from our reliability and excellent service levels, why else should you consider choosing us? Well, at UrgentITCare, we offer a full suite of services and solutions, which means that you have access to a one stop shop when it comes to all your healthcare IT support needs. Whatever the issue, you know that valuable assistance from a qualified and experienced medical IT specialist is only a quick phone call away.

Our choice of service plans is another factor that will appeal to many medical practices and healthcare organizations. Unlike some other providers, we do not work on a 'one size fits all' basis. At UrgentITCare, we are fully aware that both